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One of the reasons that sets Talking Stick Games apart from other educational game companies is Dr. Roz Doctorow who we work with on developing our products.

Dr. Roz Doctorow has a Doctorate in Education and has worked as an educator in North America for over 30 years. During that time she worked as a classroom teacher, curriculum consultant, curriculum writer, and researcher.  Roz also managed the development and implementation of the provincial assessments in reading, writing and mathematics for the province of Ontario. Currently she works as a practicum advisor for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, an adjunct faculty member for Nova Southeastern University, Florida and is a consultant to PEAC School for Elite Athletes in Ontario.

What follows below is an example of our unique approach to educating while entertaining children with our Kids Learnâ„¢ Math.

An approach that keeps your child engaged while learning...and more importantly makes it fun for kids so they continue coming back to learn! 

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The Importance of the Skills Being Developed in Kids Learn™ Spelling & Grammar

Good spelling and grammar skills are essential for effective communication in writing and also to reinforce skills needed to be an effective reader. Research has shown that effective readers and writers unconsciously use a range of skills and strategies as they read and write, and that these strategies and skills can be identified and taught to enable all students to become effective communicators.
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We work with educational professionals to design effective learning tools that are fun!

According to the research, using video games to learn encourages the learner to take an active role in his or her learning, take risks, and engages the learner in an interactive, fun way. Using video games to learn ensures children get immediate feedback, understand each new skill before moving on to the next level, and challenges children to keep going to improve their scores or get more points and, while doing this, reinforce what is being learned.

Each of our games comes with a Parent's Guide written by an education professional.

Give your child the advantage of our Kids Learn Series for the Nintendo DS.

Kids Learn Math Parent's Guide
Kid's Learn Spelling & Grammar Parent's Guide
Kids Learn Math Kids Learn Music Kids Learn Spelling & Grammar Kids Learn 2Think